Ms. Nigeria International 2022 flags off in style

Ms. Nigeria International celebrates Nigerian beauty and culture, cultivating confidence, national pride, and self-esteem to the nation's youth.

Ms. Nigeria International in its 11th year has opened the doors opportunity to participants for 2022 Pageant.

Speaking with AFL, Mr. Brendan Nsikak, CEO, Brendance and Crusaders Ltd said, “We are proud to inform the public, especially Nigerian Citizens (home and abroad) about the official kick-off of Ms. Nigeria International, Africa’s largest female pageant, based on our success in various similar events.

We welcome you to the 11th Edition, Season 2022. This is the dawn of a new beginning, a new phase to continue the legacy we created in another dimension, The Evolution Edition – Ms. Nigeria International (MSNI). With contestants coming from all states of Nigeria for a competition of poise, intelligence, modeling, and charisma, we have moved from a mixed pageant to a single national event. Annually, dozens of young women enter our pageant camp initially shy, timid, and unprofessional with little or no atom of culture and poise. The after-effect speaks volumes. They graduate with newfound confidence and a heart to serve the community. From participants to champions, we are proud of who they become with such effective communication skills and passion to achieve”.

Ms. Nigeria International is an opportunity to stake your relevance to the global institution on what you must have to rule the world in your own way, taste, fashion, information, and hospitality. We provide an avenue that develops a direct relationship with audience and stars, influential politicians, fashion icons, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, etc.

We intend to promote Local Content and Business with Global Standards. Partnering with you as a candidate is an opportunity to develop a genuine connection with the global village, creating a brand message that speaks to cultural identity and unique taste.

The calendar of events provides you with many opportunities for media interviews, on-camera activities, red carpet visibility, influencer networking, media networking, and organic placement.

Here, the winners receive the crown of poise and take the bold step to represent the nation in recognized international competitions. We do our best to ensure that winners receive a modeling contract through our partnerships with modeling agencies, aviation training scholarships, cash prices, as well as international pageant opportunities (terms and conditions apply, please).

Prizes to be won are chances to represent Nigeria at International Ms. USA, Miss UltraContinental, Miss UltraContinental (Teen Category), Comprehensive Medical Insurance, Aviation Scholarship, Cash Prize, other consolation gifts, and Official Car.

Ms. Nigeria International celebrates Nigerian beauty and culture, cultivating confidence, national pride, and self-esteem to the nation’s youth.

To participate in the two (2) categories, applicants must fit into the age groups:

Ms. Teen Nigeria International 16 – 18 years of age;

Ms. Nigeria International 20 – 26 years of age.

Visit the portal to apply today. You are most welcome.

MSNI…poise and class.

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