Oyeni: The Brand and The Man

The name Oyeni struck a chord with me the first time. My friend had called from Baltimore to request for the Oyeni briefs and I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. He told me to place an order for him, thus, I went searching. True to tales, I was impressed when I got the […]

The name Oyeni struck a chord with me the first time. My friend had called from Baltimore to request for the Oyeni briefs and I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. He told me to place an order for him, thus, I went searching. True to tales, I was impressed when I got the consignment.

I finally met the man behind the brand, he seemed too reserved for such an exciting brand and my observation wasn’t too far from the truth.

My name is Omoyeni Isaac and I’m the founder of Oyeni Brand. I’m a fashion lover, I love good food and I appreciate life and my family. 

About Oyeni brand 

Oyeni brand is a lifestyle and urban brand that makes sneakers, boxers, briefs and socks. Our products are sophisticated,comfortable and durable yet affordable. 

Our logo is the cactus 🌵 which signifies the ruggedness and durability of our products .

We can be reached via our website and social media platforms.





What inspired your going into fashion business?

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Fashion is one of the ways I express myself and I’ve always had a hard time picking out the right products that befits me. I love shoes and it was difficult getting the right shoes with the perfect package and comfort for my feet so I decided to start my own brand to cater for my needs and everyone else with an emphasis on comfortability. 

Was it money or sheer passion?

It’s all about the passion but your passion needs to help pay the bills once the business is matured. 

Has the business brought about any significant lifestyle change to you?

Yes, I’ve been prudent and outgoing. 

Where did the Oyeni come from?

Oyeni is derived from my surname Omoyeni and it has a deep meaning which is our tag line You deserve it. 

You seem to me like a conservative but the Oyeni brand is outspoken and sexy, can you gist us a bit?

I’m an introvert but Oyeni brand has to be appealing to every fashion lover in order to build a profitable business.  

Give us a hint of a typical week in the life of a fashionpreneur is like?

I pray, visit the gym, reply my mails, make those phone calls that needs to be made, take stocks of our products every week and try to work on new strategies to help move the business forward. I also attend meetings.


From sneakers to briefs, male stuff to female stuff. Did you progress from one category to the next or how did it play out?

Most of Oyeni products are unisex but we have more male customers while the women have also been very supportive. It’s always a difficult task getting original famous brand boxers in Nigeria so as someone who is detailed I decided to start the underwear line so as to give everyone the same quality as other world famous brand. 

For the sneakers/sports shoes, was there a particular experience that inspired it?

 I’m a shoe lover and as sneaker-head  and every time I try to get that comfortable sneakers it’s always difficult, so I decided to create my own brand with an emphasis on comfortability and also to make it stylish, classy and affordable. 

Then the briefs?

The briefs are super comfortable and stylish with zero squeeze experience which is how I love my briefs when i wear them. Oyeni boxers briefs is made of the finest cotton and it’s a must have for everyone. Oyeni is an indigenous brand that  has got people covered in the underwear department which will last them for a very long time. 

Acceptability is often a big deal in this part of the world, especially for home grown brands, how has the journey been?

It’s been been rough and tough convincing people that an indigenous brand like Oyeni can give them same quality as world famous brands However Oyeni brand has received immerse support from family, friends and well wisher. Once you go Oyeni you’ll never go back because it’s comfortable to suit everyone. We’re the official sneakers footwear for a couple of prominent polo clubs in Nigeria and a support sponsor to Red Crown Polo Team, STL polo team and we have to say a huge thank you to the patrons of the above mentioned teams and also Ibadan Polo club for their support and Nigeria Polo as a whole. 

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Has Oyeni been a part of any sporting  event in Nigeria?

Yes, Oyeni brand is into fashion and also sports. We have been part of several sports and events namely, Official sponsors of Ibadan Polo tournament, Supporting sponsors Red Crown polo Team owned by Nasco group.  Military and Paramilitary Games in Nigeria  (MIMPAM GAMES), Official Sponsors of champions night organized by IBRFM & IATV Africa. Sports Hubz Tennis competition. The sneakers has also been embraced by golfers and the boxers shorts has been worn by several Nigerian Professional boxers for weigh in during Unboxx sports boxing tournaments.

Any other sporting or regular event of particular interest to you?

Oyeni brand is open to collaboration with all sports and fashion events that will bring mutual benefits to both parties. 

Is Oyeni a one man show or …?

Oyeni brand has structures and even though I’m the founder we have a team that stands solidly behind me such as our creative director who is also my wife Dr Mrs Omotunde Omoyeni, our international manager Mr Michael Omoyeni, our social media strategist and other staffs. 

Funding is another biggie here, how do you deal with it?

I have been able to save for this venture before quitting my job overseas and also family have been very supportive by giving zero interest loans. 

Mistakes are a core of entrepreneurship, what has been your worst mistake so far and how did you fix it?

Giving people products based on trust and getting disappointed and also trusting people with money and goods to render services which they never did. But now we have a few policies to curb all these excesses. 

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