How To Grow Your Butt The Healthy Way

The clamour for bigger butts is one that has enjoyed both secret and open yearning from ladies of all classes. If you say no other body part has received more attention from the human race, you’d be spot on. Men want to see the ladies all curvy, ladies will give anything in the world to […]

The clamour for bigger butts is one that has enjoyed both secret and open yearning from ladies of all classes. If you say no other body part has received more attention from the human race, you’d be spot on. Men want to see the ladies all curvy, ladies will give anything in the world to get those apple bums.

There are a variety of ways however that lead to the  world of feminine curves some of which are; Surgical, Dietary and Exercise.

Of the three, the surgical process through implants is the most expensive and risky. Yearly, women invest millions of dollars across the world towards getting that much sought after curvy butt and by extension body.

Wider hips and voluptuous bums are the new cool, these are of course popular features across the African landscape, but the electronic media has doubled the yearning for curves. Every lady wants to own that killer body, and if you think of the attention these bodies get at events, you will agree that joining the curvy bum race is one of the most exciting and profitable activities a lady can engage in.

Because of the complexity of butt implants via surgery and injection, we will focus on the other two options.


Whether you are on the chubby or the slim side of life, there are specific exercises that help you on your journey to the curvy butt life. These exercise are focused primarily upon the waist and the butt, so performing those exercises on a regular basis will result in a much greater buildup of muscles and burning of fat from your bum zone.

Side leg lifts

Lie on one side supporting yourself with your arm, and then turn. Lift your leg up diagonally from the ground at an angle, so that you feel the impact on the side of your waist. Perform ten to fifteen reps, and then move to the other side and perform the same routine, repeat up to five times for each side daily. Please note that if you are not originally given to exercising, you may experience serious discomfort afterwards, so we advise starting from your comfort zone. This will not only help build up a firmer butt as it uses up the muscles in your bum, it will also help you get a better posture as it engages your sides as well. This exercise has far reaching benefits, as it also favours your arms.

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Side Lunges

A little deviation from the popular lunge exercise, the side lunge offers more as it utilizes the hip muscles. Start by positioning yourself as if you are standing in the middle of a clock, with your feet facing the 12 mark. Step slightly to the side, as if you are trying to get to 2. Place the right heel on the floor, and then lower your toes as you bring down both your knees in one motion. The left foot should remain in position right behind you. Your inside left foot is now resting on the floor as you go downward, go down as long as your right thigh becomes almost parallel to the floor. Once it reaches this position, pull yourself back up, and repeat the motion, but this time with your left foot. The more side lunges you are able to pull off, the greater will be the amount of exertion of the muscles in your butt. Make the side lunges a key part of your daily workout schedule for better results.

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Yoga is one great way to get a strong, firm butt. Compared to the average exercises, yoga is different because it requires you to stand in one pose for a longer period of time. More importantly, not only does yoga bring your muscles in to play, but it also relaxes your mind, relieving it of stress, that ultimately makes it much easier to lose fat from your body. There are a number of different yoga poses that you can try if you wish to lose weight or build muscle on your body. For instance, common yoga poses like the crow, the pigeon, the frog and the lizard are all focused upon bringing the hip muscles in to play, which ultimately results in a stronger, firmer butt. Be careful not to start the complex Yoga forms when starting out. Yoga is not easy to pull off, and you might require a proper trainer/ teacher in order to get started.

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The Diet:

A good way to get a great body is by keeping a tab on what you it. Check nutritional content whenever you are considering a food item to buy. Keep in mind that your body won’t be looking its best with loads of fat deposited here and there in it. Junk food will keep you away from that sexy body you have dreamt so much about . Below are some of the healthiest foods that will help you achieve a bigger and and wider butt:

Super Proteins:

Super proteins are extremely important in enhancing your body features. Super proteins contain very little saturated fat and the right amount of quality proteins required by your body. Proteins are your body muscle builders, if you are not taking adequate amounts of proteins, it may be difficult to build substantial muscles, regardless of how much you exercise.

See foods rich in super proteins below:

–        Fish – Salmon, Tilapia and Tuna.
–        Poultry – Chicken and Turkey
–        Lean Red Meat
–        Whey
–        Beans / Legumes
–        Eggs

Please note that merely eating these foods will not take you to your butty destination, it will have to be supported with consistent workouts and adherence to instructions. Y

Super Foods:

In your quest for a bigger butt, you probably have stumbled upon super foods like butt enhancing pills etc., we do not encourage using them, we strongly recommend natural super foods that will give your body the required boost. You don’t have to rule out carbs and fats completely. There are certain healthy fats and healthy carbs that your body requires too, and these are absolutely necessary to ensure healthy muscle growth.

–        Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts are healthy and very important for your body, mainly because they contain healthy, saturated fats and carbs that your body requires. Very few people actually understand the powers of incorporating mixed nuts in to their diets. Not only do they promote healthy building of muscles, but they also improve cognitive and brain functions.

–        Leafy green vegetables

Incorporating green vegetables in your diet will give you a natural dose of proteins that are needed to build muscles and enhance the shape and curve of your body. Having a proper diet that combines lean red meat with leafy green vegetables will help you significantly.

–        Tomatoes

Another very important source of natural proteins for the body, tomatoes can be eaten either naturally or with foods.

Other different foods that you can incorporate in your diet include:

–        Sweet Potatoes
–        Quinoa
–        Oatmeal
–        Berries

These are all vitally important to ensure proper growth of muscles and the burning of fat in your body. It is important to make sure that you infuse these foods in your diet, while also keeping a proper exercising schedule. Most people just think that eating these foods is enough to get the body that they want, but that is just not true.

Above are some of the best routes to get your desired butt, adhering to them religiously will not only help you get there but ensure that you stay there.

Have you got more tips to share, please drop them in the comment box.

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