Five steps to style up for the Christmas season

Here are our five steps to style up for the Christmas season:

Fashion With Vivian Iwu

December as a month in the year has started, no doubt. But the feeling and what makes one feel the feeling matter a lot.

In the fashion sense the hair, makeup, shoes and clothes can make one think selfishly for once in order to be in the mood for the season.

Here are our five steps to style up for the Christmas season:

1. Big box braids:

Ladies love to make long, big braids. Big box braids and cornrows should be trademarked to all fashion lovers, although career can make one decide to pack the natural hair up like a crown.


2. Clear lip gloss: Sometimes to be chicky, one should be in clear lip gloss and lined lips. A fashion lover might have inadvertently started this clear lip gloss trend and some other new school girls have copied.

3. Oversized cloths:

For comfort or maybe just avoiding over-sexualisation, oversized jackets, shirts, trousers and shorts may inspire a great seasonal feeling.

5. Bodysuits

You can bring a sexy or macho body frame too, and do this with cool bodysuits.

However, adding an eye glasses could bring out cool looks in a statement shades.

I hope this piece inspires someone out there.

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