Being fashionable during the rainy season

if you want your shoes to last for a longer period then avoid wearing leather shoes, party shoes, office shoes, etc during rainy season

Vivian Iwu

When the rains starts like this, a lot of people tend to get confused when it comes to what outfit to wear, especially as it concerns make ups.

But fashion experts say that whether in the comfort of a car or umbrella, makeups has no substitute for those who can’t stay without it.

Sunday statement fashion went into the streets to find out how people felt dressing up during the rainy season.

Olachi Nwodu, a hair stylist said that people wear worn-out clothing whenever it rains because they do not want their new and nice outfits to get drenched and stained.

“Due to poor drainage system a lot of places get messy and annoying when it rains, the walk ways can be scary around this period”.
She said, adding that one should not dress shabbily to go out during the rainy seasons either.

Miss Chika Odu, a cosmetics shop attendant said, “You can’t afford to stay at home every time it rains; if you no hustle, hunger go be your best friend, lol!”
“You can still slay in rain-friendly and fashionable outfits and go about your normal daily activities.”

She said, pointing out that there are fashionable rain jackets one can get in the market.
“You could wear a light outfit inside and then put on a rain jacket so that when you get to your destination you can take it off. This outfit helps to prevent you from getting all drenched in the rain; some are also designed to keep you warm. As the fashion trend evolves, you can get various colors, designs, lightweight but strong waterproof rain jackets with or without a hood.”

However, wearing a mixture of long trousers or skirts and shorts is nice because during the rainy season, mosquitoes and other dangerous insects become rampant and this is usually experienced in the period such as now.

A Tailor, Udoka Njoku advised fashion lovers to choose to wear shirts of different lengths, refrain from wearing white or similar outfits during the raining season as they will easily get stained even before you get to your destination.

However, a shoe seller at Douglas road Owerri, Ifeanyi Odionyemma, said “if you want your shoes to last for a longer period then avoid wearing leather shoes, party shoes, office shoes, etc during rainy season.

“Also, avoid shoes without a good grip on slippery grounds as they have a great tendency to make you slip. Shoes like trainers and other types of sports shoes are not ideal during the rainy season because when it gets wet, it takes a longer time to get dry and if not properly dried will smell and harbor germs, bacteria, and fungi.
He advised that one should go for water-friendly sandal and shoes/boots that are made of rubber so one can face any pothole confidently.

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