AFWL2023: A Very Special Conference by the Africa Fashion Guide: Friday 27 October

  AFWL x Africa Fashion Guide Conference 2023 Theme: “African Fashion – The Heritage Generation” As the international fashion industry ponders questions pertaining to sustainability, transparency and the rise of technology, the African fashion marketplace is leaning on the strength of its history in textiles, and this is proving to be ripe for business.   […]


AFWL x Africa Fashion Guide Conference 2023

Theme: “African Fashion – The Heritage Generation”

As the international fashion industry ponders questions pertaining to sustainability, transparency and the rise of technology, the African fashion marketplace is leaning on the strength of its history in textiles, and this is proving to be ripe for business.


Now the questions asked are, is Africa fashion’s final frontier? Is there a growing consumer market in Africa ready to buy? Can Africa realistically serve the vast international market? Africa Fashion Guide continues to deliver results focused events to address these issues.


The African fashion market, rooted in its textile heritage, is emerging as a lucrative opportunity. Can it be considered the final frontier for fashion? Is there a growing African consumer market ready to make purchases? Can Africa serve the international market effectively? Africa Fashion Guide takes action by organizing events that address these questions. This year, alongside Africa Fashion Week London, influential figures from Africa’s fashion supply chain have been convened in a conference-style panel talk to discuss the industry’s new developments.

The theme, “African Fashion – The Heritage Generation,” explores how fashion supports African heritage and culture, from growing cotton to manufacturing clothing in Africa and influencing dressing for royalty. We aim to showcase how Africa’s fashion supply chain contributes to this narrative, benefiting the industry as a whole

This is built upon Africa Fashion Guide’s four pillars of African Sourcing for African Development: Sourced in Africa, Made in Africa, Trade in Africa, and Build with Africa. Africa Fashion Guide and Africa Fashion Week are joining forces to change perceptions of Africa’s fashion and textile industry and encourage fashion business in Africa.


Join us on October 27th for a conference featuring industry speakers engaged in business in Africa, made in Africa, or inspired by Africa. This event is a vital platform for engagement, uniting press, brands, industry influencers, and insiders with a shared interest in advancing African trade, design, and production.


If you are a fashion retailer, designer, student, journalist, or fashion business interested in sourcing and producing in Africa and committed to sustainability and ethical practices, this conference is a must-attend. Don’t delay in securing your seat.


Panel 1: The Future of Fashion Sourced & Made in Africa


Olori Ronke Ademiluyi -Ogunwusi – Founder AFWL, AFWN

Queen Ronke Ademiluyi-Ogunwusi, a British-Nigerian, serves as the Queen of Ife Kingdom in Southwest Nigeria. As a Law graduate from West London University, she founded Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) in 2011; in 2014, she established Africa Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN) to support young African designers continent-wide. She partnered with Africa Fashion Week Brasil (AFWB) for the inaugural event in Sao Paulo in 2023

She co-founded Fashion Futures, an online training program in collaboration with Henley Business School UK and Parsons School of Technology & Design, New York. She’s an advisory board member of the Textile Digital Ecosystem at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

Furthermore, she founded the Adire Oodua Textile Hub in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, empowering women and young people with vocational skills and sustainable incomes. She’s the originator of QMA International, an initiative supporting girls’ and women’s rights in Africa. She is also a published author of “Unspoken: A Chronicle of Yoruba Female Kings (Oba Obinrin),” available on Amazon



Jacquline Shaw – Africa Fashion Guide

Jacqueline Shaw is the Founding Director of social enterprise Africa Fashion Guide (AFG) and a professional fashion designer by trade. She has worked for fashion companies PUMA, Russell Athletic, Ocean Pacific, Fila, Chilli Pepper, C&A (Germany), Kingsheen (Turkey), and Babylon Princesse (China).



Rebecca Osewa – Yield Initiatives

British-born Nigerian raised in London, U.K., Rebecca Osewa, is the Founder/CEO of Yield Initiatives, a non-profit, international development organization. Dedicated to the sustainability of the fashion sector in Africa and our growing industry, she is specifically committed to the revival of the cotton textile garment supply chain and to improving the living standards of cotton growers in Nigeria

Isatu Harrison – Izelia 

Isatu Harrison, is a Fashion Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Izelia Fashion and Creative Hub Africa. IZELIA is focused on showcasing Sierra Leone’s rich culture, craftsmanship, and heritage, specialising in Gara / natural Tie Dye fabrics, while Creative Hub Africa aims to support aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives by providing them with the necessary skills, resources, and a strong support systems for success.


Janine Donzet – Jaola Workshop

Janine is the founder of Jaola Workshop Clothing Manufacturers, part of Jaola Vault Ltd. based in London and Lagos. She is dedicated to helping fashion brands and businesses turn their clothing ideas into reality through sustainable and professional manufacturing services.


Adaku Parker – Dovetailed


Adaku is the owner of Dovetailed London, an African Fashion and Sewing brand on a mission to encourage women to add colour and print to their wardrobes. They offer a range of products from finished garments to fabric, sewing patterns, and workshops, currently stocked in Liberty London. Adaku’s second sewing book: ‘Sewing for Children with African Wax Print Fabric,’ is due out on 24th October 2023.

Panel 2: The Face of African Fashion


Olori Ronke Ademiluyi -Ogunwusi – Founder AFWL, AFWN

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Jacquline Shaw – Africa Fashion Guide 

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Paola Masperi – Mayamiko

Paola is an impact entrepreneur and founder of award winning, responsible fashion label Mayamiko, which counts Meghan Markle amongst its fans. Paola is also the founder of women empowerment charity Mayamiko Trust, working in Malawi delivering economic and social empowerment programmes with women and for women. Malawi is where much of the production for Mayamiko takes place, creating a sustainable economic model for local partners. Paola’s background combines digital innovation and marketing, linguistic and communication, and international development. More recently Paola has been developing Madeby, an Innovate UK backed technology solution that uses Digital IDs to unlock the power of products for the circular economy.

Margaret Kadi – Pangea

Margaret is the CEO/Founder of a lifestyle brand on Sierra Leone called Pangea in. Pangea specializes in custom Made in Sierra Leone Furniture, Home and Fashion Accessories. They work with the best artisans in town who are trained in Carpentry, Cloth Weaving, Tailoring and Jewellery making. Pangea has worked with some of the biggest names in Sierra Leone including Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, WHO and various International Embassies. As a past participant of African Women’s Entrepreneur Program (US State Department Exchange Program) and also the Executive Director of the Sierra Leone AWEP Chapter, she is working with a strong group of budding entrepreneurs which she is very passionate about. She is also a Board Member of New York Women’s Social Entrepreneurs.

Priscillia Okpan – Kim Dave

Priscillia Okpan is a passionate Nigerian fashion designer and a creative content creator. Her journey in the world of fashion is deeply influenced by her Nigerian heritage, and she is dedicated to merging tradition with modernity through her designs. Priscillia is also the proud founder of a unique ready-to-wear clothing brand. Each piece she creates is a tribute to the beauty of Nigerian culture and an invitation for individuals to embrace their heritage with style.

Africa Fashion Week London 2023

General Admission: 12-8pm

Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October 2023
5.30pm – 7pm | Friday 27 October

AFWL x African Fashion Guide Conference

(Free Tickets available from Eventbrite) 



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